Our new single, "Maybe You Will Someday", drops today as part of the Blind Raccoon and Nola Blue Records Collection, Volume 5! The collection contains 30 compositions, featuring an array of Blind Raccoon clients, including both independent and label artists.Written by Robert Hill, the single features the soulful vocals of new singer, S.JĀ. With veterans, Mark Murphy on bass, and Frank Pagano on drums.


Released 9/23/2022, Revelation is a contemporary take on Gospel Blues. 11 tracks- 7 reimagined traditionals, and 4 newly penned originals. Award- winning slide, songwriting and the outstanding vocals of Joanne Lediger and Paulina Hill. With Frank Pagano- drums, Steve Gelfand-bass, and Ed Alstrom- B3. Outstanding and unique! 
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"my corner" 

 Americana/Singer-Songwriter, primarily acoustic, containing three award-winning songs, "My Corner", "Another Chapter", and "Angelina". This release focuses on the songwriting. 

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"Have Slide Will Travel"

HAVE_SLIDE_WILL_TRAVEL_SMALL.jpg LATEST CD released, "Have Slide Will Travel" touches on most of the styles of slide guitar that have come to define Robert Hill's sound. He mixes various styles of acoustic and electric Blues with Americana Roots, and manages to throw in shots of Funk and Zydeco as well, in this all-instrumental cd. Hill also breaks new ground,including an almost 8 minute cumbia, and throwing in an original, slide-inspired Spaghetti Western! 

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Self-titled debut cd- contains, "Moses McCord, "Rose City", "Slide On Rye", and many more. Some smoking performances on this one- plug in, crank it up, rinse & repeat.BUY THIS CD AT bandcamp: